Essential Health does not accept insurance for office visits. Payment is expected at the time of the visit. We accept cash, checks, Mastercard and Visa. We will provide you with an invoice with appropriate codes that you may submit to your insurance. Many patients do receive some reimbursement- this is dependent on your individual policy.

You will receive an invoice at the time of your appointment. If this invoice is lost and must be recreated by the staff at Essential Health, there is a 30 dollar charge. Likewise, a fee is assessed for time spent dealing with insurance issues – this amount varies with the time required to deal with the situation.

Any specialty labs that are billed through Essential Health will be billed to you on the day they are ordered. There is a 20% cancellation fee for any specialty labs that are canceled after they have been ordered.

As stated above, insurance does pay for many, but not all, of the specialty tests ordered by Dr. Fisch.

Please remember, Dr. Fisch is not a primary care physician, and is unable to provide or accept insurance referrals. You should maintain a relationship with a primary care physician.