At Essential Health, Dr. Ardis Fisch practices a new kind of medicine- one which combines traditional western medicine with “functional, nutritional medicine.” This means that while she is qualified in the use of prescription medications and laboratory testing, she also has specialized training in investigating underlying causes of disease. By combining the two modalities Dr. Fisch is able to address the imbalances that are causing sickness, rather than just treating the resulting symptoms.

Lifestyle modifications, vitamins and nutritional supplements, and dietary changes are combined for an all-around approach that is very successful at restoring natural balance to the body. Specialized testing is used to add clues that would otherwise be missed.

By addressing underlying dysfunctions, it is often possible to halt the progression of imbalance before outright disease develops. Dr. Fisch focuses on prevention as well as early detection of many illnesses.

Most disorders are caused by hormonal, cellular or intestinal dysfunction, and need to be addressed on these levels to restore health and vitality. Patients describe an improvement in “all around well being” very quickly, often before other symptoms begin to resolve. With treatment, many chronic, nagging symptoms and illnesses can resolve, leaving patients healthy and happy and back to feeling like themselves.

Dr. Fisch worked at The UltraWellness Center in Lenox, and left to start her own practice. She is committed to making this approach to wellness as cost effective as possible and has designed her treatment strategy to keep prices as reasonable as possible. Many of the specialty lab tests can be done using health insurance, including Medicare.